Saturday, February 21, 2009

Terra Sancta - Anno Domini

Sonorous complexity, ritualist drones, some of the best Isolationist-ambient we've carried in a long time! This is heart-chilling work that picks up the torch where something like Lustmord or Lull left off. Little known Australian artist G. Good has a masterful sense of where to place and interrupt textures, tones are voluminous, swelling and ancient, a darkly beautiful tension lasting for long periods but not nearly long enough for the listener. Three tracks seem to mix an almost Steve Roach-style desert/naturalist outlook with malevolent, ancient death-ambient. Really good stuff. For those of you that wait for the best in dark-ambient a la Lull, Final or Lustmord, you have a new one to sink into now.

1- Desert Earth
2- The Infinite Lurking
3- Lithified



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