Friday, July 8, 2011

Sutekh Hexen - Black Ritual Attacks!!

Sutekh Hexen is a cursed musical affair from the Bay Area. Cloaked henchmen armed with infernal machines invoke the eldritch spirits of the dead. Imagine the blackest metal known to man colliding head on with industrial jaws of death via unholy movements of a diabolical mass. Razor sharp vocals slice deep to the bone. Sinful rumblings brought on by layers of noise eat at you like a disease. Sutekh Hexen's ferocious drones are what nightmares are made of.

Be blinded by the 4th eye here!

Listen in agony here!

Read the Lurker's comments of blasphemy here!

Sutekh Hexen plays Thursday, July 28 at the Shakedown Bar - 3048 Midway Dr - 8PM - $5.00 - For more info go to

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