Sunday, March 25, 2012

California Bleeding - Styrofoam Sanchez - Horaflora - Torn Humorist - WEDNESDAY MAY 2 - The Shakedown Bar

Oh my!! California Bleeding Styrofoam Sanchez Horaflora Torn Humorist Wednesday, May 2 The Shakedown Bar $5 - 9PM I just copied and pasted this from the webs! Brutal! Flyer by SLOWD. Ta! "Bay Area sound artist Raub Roy goes by the name of HORAFLORA; and his performances are really impressive exercises in controlled electro-acoustic chaos, with low-tech electronics skittering above various tactile scrapes counterpointed by reversed currents of placid bass frequencies and tonal undulation. One of his best performance stunts is to fill up large balloons, shove a trumpet mouthpiece inside the balloon, and drop the metal mouthpiece on a large drumhead. With two of these devices going, Horaflora can generate prolonged vibration and acoustically phased drones that are really amazing. Gland Canyon is a small run edition released by Instal Records (which had released a Caretaker disc a while back, although this shares little aesthetic similarity), and works through many of the clamorous, decomposing sounds that Horaflora generates in a live setting. It can't be qualified as 'noise' as these collages are more in keeping with a tradition of automatic writing through sound, with idiosyncratic juxtapositions of electronic bloops, ring modulated flanges, minuscule clatter of wood and metal, mad-scientist weirdo percolations, and those sublimated balloon drones. As such it's more in keeping with some of the HNAS collages or something deconstructed from Small Cruel Party and old P.16.D4 tapes. The various tracks ebb and flow with an unhurried pace that slowly magnifies some of the many sounds into more sparse hypno-repetitive passages and then sweep everything into rather dense crescendos of scattershot sediment." STYROFOAM SANCHEZ narrates a post-apocalyptic future where the only logical space for human survival is trash island, or the great garbage patch. Humans are encouraged total residence in a place where their bodies will fuse with Styrofoam creating a new hybrid nervous system which will allow for humans to adapt to new and uncertain living conditions. Styrofoam Sanchez are the new ambassadors for plastic island. Locals CALIFORNIA BLEEDING have put the Stooges, Lightning Bolt, Locust, Arab on Radar, Daughters & An Albatross in blender on puree for optimum results. TORN HUMORIST are a new band in the continued lineage of Rapid Youth (members are Tyler Haran, Brent Mitzner & Travis Von Sydow). Based out of San Diego and Murrieta, CA. In attempt to capture a intimate display of personal emotion, the three piece intertwine dissonant guitars and drumming in an carefully dynamic and frigid way." California Bleeding! Styrofoam Sanchez! Horaflora! Torn Humorist More info to follow! The Shakedown Bar!

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